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Photo: latest recoveries, Battle Mountain, Nevada
Latest recoveries, Battle Mountain, Nevada.

Latest recoveries, Battle Mountain, Nevada.

At Iron from the Sky, we are focused on the location and preservation of meteorites. Please feel free to browse through my meteorite collection and read accounts of my meteorite hunting expeditons around the world.  Enjoy!

Featured Meteorites

DHO 1433   DHO 1433 (H5)
Dhofar, Oman
22.61 gram main mass and 232 gram slice
Glorieta Mountain   Glorieta Mountain (PMG-an)
Canoncito, Sante Fe County, New Mexico
56.5 kilogram oriented individual and 710 gram full slice
Moss   Moss (CO3.6)
Moss Ostfold, Norway
56.4 gram and 9.8 gram fragments
NWA 4693   NWA 4693 (R3-6)
Northwest Africa
49.977 gram end cut
Zagora   Zagora (IAB)
Quazazate, Morocco
327 gram full slice

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